About FTN Data

FTN Data specializes in delivering extraordinarily detailed and accurate football data with short turnaround times upon game completion. We use a robust charting and base collection system to paint a vibrant picture that quantifies exactly what happened on every NFL play. Our data offerings include both traditional statistics as well a multitude of advanced data points and analysis.

How we got here:

In 2001 Arm Chair Analysis was formed and would go on to provide reliable data to its clients for nearly two decades. Fast forward to 2020, FTN Data acquired FTN Data with the sole intent of building onto an already great foundation. The 2020 NFL season was the first of the combined effort resulting in the addition of hundreds of advanced data points, including skill-player participation.

Where we are going:

While FTN Data has mastered the NFL data collection we have our eyes set on continued growth with our client services, presence in the industry, as well as spreading our wings into other sports including MMA, NBA, and Golf.

The premier choice for business partnerships:

Whether a start-up or seasoned leader in the NFL content industry, FTN Data can be your most strategic partner. The bottom line is, we give you the opportunity to create using our state of the art data. Whether via our easy to use APIs, White Label Tools, or Data Downloads, we have an affordable package tailored for your needs.